About Realm & Sands (WHY We Make Reading FUN!)

LOOK THROUGH THE REALM & SANDS CATALOGUE, and you might think that we’re all over the place. It’s true; we are. We’ve written sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, horror and sitcom-style comedy. We wrote a spiritual epic, a philosophical series about the nature of consciousness, a violent action thriller, and even a series of fiction-as-nonfiction books penned by a made-up author who lives in the year 2097.

But no matter how “all over the place” Realm & Sands seems to be, there are two common threads that run throughout each of our books:

They were all EXTREMELY FUN to write.

And hence, we know you’ll find them EXTREMELY FUN to read.

Some of our books are meant to excite you. Some are meant to scare you. Some would carry a hard R rating, but one series (the Unicorn Western / Unicorn Genesis / Unicorn Apocalypse books) are entirely appropriate for children and beloved by our own. We want some of our stories to make you laugh, most to make you think, and some to make you cry.

But no matter what modality a certain tale hits, we think you will have fun reading it.


Johnny B. Truant — Articulator and Story Machine

Johnny writes Realm & Sands rough drafts and does a final polish on our biggest franchises. Working from Sean provided “beats”, Johnny articulates those rough ideas and puts meat on their bones. Sean calls him the “story machine,” and Johnny would never argue with any title that manly.

The results of our idea-articulation-polish process are much better — and more fun — than either of us could do on our own. Sean’s ideas and refinement are inspired. The usually-surprising twists and turns that Johnny finds as he explores and deviates from Sean’s original ideas are magical. With Realm & Sands, you’re not just getting two authors’ work of awesome; you’re getting like five or six.

Johnny has always wanted to be a writer and began creating fiction in 1999, slogging through the traditional publishing process. In 2012, he teamed up with machine-writers Sean and Dave on the Self Publishing Podcast and something clicked. Working both alone and with Sean, Johnny wrote and published around 1.5 million words in 2013. Solo books include The Bialy Pimps and the 6-book Fat Vampire series. You’re currently surrounded by his other (collaborative) works.

Johnny still lives in Ohio, but is desperately trying to flee to Austin in order to form some sort of Pixar-style brain trust with Sean, there already — and ideally SPP’s third host David Wright. His wife and two kids are as eager as he is to move along, although there has been a small amount of bitching about there not being snow in Texas.

And Here is Who We Are

Sean Platt — Architect and Refiner

Sean is our primary story architect. When you see a particularly cool big idea (a book about a gunslinger who rides a unicorn, a series about a quasi-dystopian future where the populace is split between two parties and an omniscient data network rules everything), it probably came from Sean.

Sean’s job includes revising Johnny’s drafts and making them shine. He is also responsible for planting all of the mentions of weed throughout our stories, although in the end, Johnny probably articulated any specific weed mention in his own way (see below).

Sean has been writing professionally since 2008, when his wife gave him a Macbook and encouraged him to just start writing. Sean paints this as a loving gesture, but Johnny thinks that Cindy was mainly trying to get Sean to close himself in a room and “talk” through his fingers rather than chattering nonstop to her every damn minute of every damn day.

Sean’s non-R&S work includes several solo books and the dark, no-child-left-behind-in-terms-of-being-in-jeopardy work being churned out by Collective Inkwell, the imprint where he writes with horror-and-dark-fantasy master David Wright. (The writer, not the baseball player.)

  • Sean 50%
  • Johnny 50%
  • FUN 100%

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