Caveman Timecop

Our first Realm & Sands fan inspired short. This is the ZANIEST thing we’ve ever written. Now our western looks normal! 

FOR OUR FIRST EVER OUTLAW EXCLUSIVE, we asked readers for just two wordsWe wanted a story mashup, and any pair of words would do. We heard a ton of crazy ideas, and submitted our own — Dinosaur Romance — then asked Outlaws to pick their favorite. Blaine Moore’s Caveman Timecop won, hands down.

From the creators of The Beam, Cursed, Robot Proletariat, Namaste, and the three laugh out loud comedies, Greens, Space Shuttle, and Everyone Gets Divorced comes the first ever Realm & Sands short, and the craziest story to ever stem from just two words.

“Not to sound too melodramatic,” Professor Osterman said from behind Officer Alexander Reed, “but you’re the world’s only hope.”

Reed was in the lab’s far corner, examining something in the shape of a Y buzzing with electricity. He wasn’t sure whether it had anything to do with time travel. It was difficult, by scanning the lab, to know what Osterman did with his time. Was he cloning strange creatures? Building cameras and remote controls? Seemingly endless rows of bottles brimmed with various-colored liquids and disassembled remotes — yes, that was a 1980s-era television remote control over there, designed for flipping channels in the 1980s that existed before Silas Benson’s ripple created ALF — didn’t seem to fit with Osterman’s work for the Planck Squad.

And so begins Caveman Timecop — a story that’s fun, over the top, and the sort of writing on the fly story that paved the way for the epic adventures of our Fiction Unboxed project (for now available only as an Outlaw exclusive).

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