August 7: Robot Proletariat: Source Code
Robot Proletariat was one of our favorite titles last year. We finished the first season feeling overwhelmed with possibilities about where we could take the story. But we also felt that there was something missing. We wanted to tell the human side of the story. Just as Plugged served as a sort of Beam Season 1.5, so does Source Code rest neatly between Proletariat seasons one and two.

September 4: Sex 2.0
In Sterling Gibson’s followup to his acclaimed exploration of hyperconnectivity and The Beam, he asks the question, what is sex like now in the year 2097, how did we get here, and what does that say about us as a species.

October 2: Robot Proletariat: Season Two 
If you’ve already read the first season, then surely you’re dying for this one. We can’t say anything without ruining it for those readers stilling working toward it in their queue. Except wow. 

November 6: Namaste 2
Namaste was our big, spiritual action adventure thriller. For the middle part of our planned trilogy, we expect to add depth and meaning to everything that made the first book great, because that stuff will help support all the over the top violence and crazy action setpieces that will make you giggle and gasp.

December 4: Our First Collection of Shorts
We love writing shorts. If you’re an Outlaw, you will have read these for free all year long. If not, it’s a great way to experience short stories, that still have a lot to way. 

Realm & Sands’s 2014 is PACKED with awesome.

Here’s what we have coming for you in 2014.

Monthly Shorts
Each month we write a short for our Outlaws. This is a free, email only exclusive. At the end of the year we’ll gather all of our 2014 short stories and assemble them in a collection for sale. Outlaws enjoy them for free.

May 1: The Beam: Season Two
Season Two over delivers on the promise of our first exciting season. This has so far been the most difficult thing we’ve ever written, but we were so creatively energized by the story (especially after writing another Gibson book, and more for Lexi Maxxwell’s Future of Sex series) that we decided to end this year by starting on Season Three. 

June 5: Axis of the World
A Realm & Sands first — Axis is a standalone novel, exploring the nature of memory, and the things we long to forget. This is an exciting project, and our last before we tackle our live writing experiment, codenamed Blunderbuss. 

July 3: Blunderbuss (not its actual name)
At the time of this description, we have no idea the title, characters or genre of whatever Blunderbuss will be. We only know that it’s gonna be awesome, because there’s no other sort of book worth writing.