Cursed (What if You Couldn't Control the Monster Inside You?)

What if you couldn’t control the monster inside you! For more than a century (and five books so far) Ricuardo Cuaron has been running from his. 

ON THE RUN FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY, cursed with the blood of a chupacabra, Ricardo must stay one step ahead of Tomas Morales, the man who has sworn vengeance and maintained pursuit through every sleepy hollow where Ricardo’s spent a lifetime (and then some) hiding.

Ricardo craves a life of quiet, but wonders how that could ever happen when there is a seeping horror lurking inside him? From his time in the quiet town of Glen, to his final flight from Tomas Morales, join Ricardo as he treks across the American Southwest, fleeing from his past and wrestling the beast inside himself.

These first four episodes of Realm & Sands’ Cursed will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go. Cursed gives the Realm & Sands reader a tremendous story, but doesn’t shy away from staring deep into our characters’ souls. We want you to feel yourself there, making the same decisions right alongside them. Like all great stories,

Cursed does more than entertain, it opens your consciousness so you can more closely examine the human nature. If you like terror, blood and dark themes that might keep you up at night (and might make you wonder what monsters you may have inside yourself), Cursed is your book.


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