Everyone Gets Divorced (It's Like Always Sunny in Philadelphia and How I Met Your Mother Had a Baby in Your E-Reader)

Everyone Gets Divorced: Season One (It’s Like How I Met Your Mother and Always Sunny in Philadelphia had a baby!)

JOIN ARCHER AS HE EXPLAINS HOW HIS Join Archer as he explains how his perfect, fairy-tale marriage slowly started to crumble before the “I dos” were exchanged. In this first episode of the comedy, Everyone Gets Divorced, you’re introduced to Archer, his fiancee Hannah, and his gang of five repugnant friends.

It’s raunchy and wrong at the same time as it’s sweet and friendly. If you liked either of the sitcoms just listed (or Friends, or New Girl, or any other sitcom where relationships and friendships clash), you’ll enjoy watching as our hero Archer’s marriage is slowly ruined by his well-meaning group of friends who can’t help being the total assholes they are.

Everyone Gets Divorced will have you laughing hard, and wondering how anyone can stay together at all.


1. The Proposal
2. The Engagement
3. The Wedding
4. The Quarantine
5. The Scare
6. The Double Date


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