Greens (In Retail and life, Green is God)

Greens: Season One — In Retail and life, Green is God.

YOU THINK WORKING AT A GAS STATION IS BAD? Those are the jobs that the employees at Greens wish they had. For Dylan, it’s intolerable.

The Fed decided his online marketing career was “illegal,” and he’s been forced to work at the lowest of the low: an organic health food store in one of America’s poorest, most dangerous neighborhoods. Dylan realizes there’s no reason he has to give up his entrepreneurial roots, or his buds. Will he supply the neighborhood with what they crave, while climbing the corporate ladder?

We let ourselves go with Greens, shoving in every stupid thing we can think of. If anything in our catalog proves that we are secretly horrible people, this is it. It also proves most directly that, given his druthers, Sean would simply write about weed all day long.

You’ll enjoy Greens if you’re as disrespectful and inappropriate as we’re apparently capable of being.


1. Ninja Gaiden
2. Kemosabe
3. A Man and His Bird
4. Beware the Jabberwocky
5. All-Inclusive Ingredients
6. A Big Opportunity


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