LOL (You Deserve to Laugh this Hard!)

LOL (You Deserve to Laugh this Hard!)


Sean is co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints, speaker, and author, with breakout indie hits such as Yesterday’s Gone, WhiteSpace, Unicorn Western and The Beam, as well as traditionally published titles Z 2134 and Monstrous. Follow him on Twitter @seanplatt

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We love everything we write.

As long as you’re a happy reader, there’s not a single world we wouldn’t love a return to.

But man, I hope our comedies really take off. EXPLODE. Because they are FUN to write. Imagining ridiculous scenarios then bringing them to life is magic. Laughing our way through it makes creation fun, knowing others will laugh as hard while they’re reading makes it rewarding.

We love all three of our comedies. We wrote them so it would be like reading your favorite sitcoms on your e-reader. Each is currently free on Amazon (US only, sorry UK — we’re working on it!).

We’re so excited that they are all finally free. It makes it so easy for you to try them.



Greens: In Retail and life, Green is God
You think working at a gas station is bad? Fast food? Those are the jobs Greens employees wish they had. It’s intolerable for Dylan.

Just because the Fed decided his online marketing career was “illegal,” he’s been forced to work at the lowest of the low: an organic health food store in one of America’s poorest, most dangerous neighborhoods.

Can Dylan supply the neighborhood with what it craves, while climbing the corporate ladder?

Space ShuttleSpace Shuttle: You’ve Never Seen Your Favorite Aliens Like This (They’re All in Here!)

Sloan is your average trashy American with no dreams or future until suddenly he’s whisked away into an international conspiracy of laziness, ineptitude and sloth.

Forced to work for the abusive (and somewhat familiar) owner of the Space Shuttle company, Sloan will have to take fares of many faces (or face-like appendages) across the galaxy if he ever hopes to make it back home.

Fans of sci-fi who like to laugh will love this hilarious space comedy.

Everyone Gets DivorcedEveryone Gets Divorced: It’s Like How I Met Your Mother and Always Sunny in Philadelphia had a baby on your e-reader

Join Archer as he explains how his perfect, fairy-tale marriage slowly started to crumble before the “I dos” were exchanged. In addition to Archer, you’ll meet his fiancee Hannah, and five repugnant friends.

Everyone Gets Divorced will have you laughing hard, and wondering how anyone can stay together at all.


Because we wanted each comedy to feel like a favorite show, we gave them titles to fit. 

1. Ninja Gaiden
2. Kemosabe
3. A Man and His Bird
4. Beware the Jaberwocky
5. All-Inclusive Ingredients
6. A Big Opportunity

1. The One With the Xenomorph
2. The One With the Glork
3. The One With Sentinel Ultimate
4. The One With Bulbous the Fat
5. The One With the Wormhole
6. The One With Warp Drive

1. The Proposal
2. The Engagement
3. The Wedding
4. The Quarantine
5. The Scare
6. The Double Date

Each comedy is free to try. Each comedy also comes in a season, with six episodes for $3.99.

LOLThe best deal is the LOL Comedy Bundle that has all three shows (18 episodes total) for $5.99.

Click on the one that’s best for you! 

Try Greens For Free
Try Space Shuttle For Free
Try Everyone Gets Divorced For Free
Buy Greens Season One
Buy Space Shuttle Season One
Buy Everyone Gets Divorced Season One

Buy LOL Bundle (all 18 episodes for $5.99)

NOTE: If you send a link to your Amazon or Goodreads review for the first episode of any comedy to, we will send you a review copy of that comedy’s full season.

Thanks for reading!

Sean (and Johnny)