Namaste: Peace Comes From Within. Death Comes From Without.

Namaste: Peace Comes From Within. Death Comes From Without. 

AMIT IS A MEMBER OF THE SHADOW MONKS, his every waking moment is spent training his body and mind to the peak of human ability – and beyond. But the order is pacifist, a repository for deadly weapons with their safeties permanently set to “on.”

Until everything is taken from him, and Amit decides that turning the other cheek is no longer an option. Now, every ounce of his training will be put to the test. His epic quest for revenge will see wrongs righted — or see Amit left forgotten in an unmarked grave.

Namaste (The Full Story) includes Vengeance, the first part of Amit’s tale told in reverse chronological order, like the Christopher Nolan film, Memento. You’ll see the reasons for Amit’s bloody rampage become clear, and follow him as he charges through his enemies one-by-one with his up and the occasional blade out.

You’ll especially love Namaste if you enjoy action and don’t mind it getting messy. (And paradoxically, we also think you’ll fall in love with our monk Amit as he goes on his deadly rounds. He has an assassin’s hands, and the Dalai Lama affable demeanor.)

Join Amit as he chases Nisha’s killer from boss to boss, to the last place he ever expected. He will fight, and die if he must.

What will be, will be. It’s a Zen thing.

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