Plugged: How Hyperconnectivity and The Beam Changed the Way We Think

Plugged: How Hyperconnectivity and The Beam Changed How We Think
(Are We Who We Were?)

THROUGHOUT THE 21ST CENTURY, our world (at least for those of us inside the NAU) has become increasingly connected. So much so that we’re now thinking as a single fluid organism, changing not just how we live our daily lives, but who we are as a species. In Sterling Gibson’s newest thoughtful exploration, one of the NAU’s most renowned thinkers explores and illuminates how hyperconnectivity and The Beam have changed us forever.

“Sterling Gibson” is the start of what I hope will be several characters writing books about life in The Beam. This is a smart companion piece to the series and a clever way to draw readers further into this futuristic world. If you haven’t read The Beam, this will introduce you to many realities from this future world. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment of this series … in whatever format these writers choose to take.”

“This book is written in a Malcolm Gladwell exposé-style way, where the issues and ideas are looked at by including other thinkers, movers, and shakers of the day. Engrossing. The book is very well done, and you start to forget that this world hasn’t happened yet. You find yourself wondering when you’re going to be able to buy one of the cool doodads mentioned in the book. You see how we are today, see the authors’ fictional future, and the line starts to blur. I can see this happening … ”


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