Robot Proletariat: THIS Is How It Starts ...

Robot Proletariat: THIS Is How The Revolution Gets Started!

IN THE FUTURE, ROBOTS LIKE MARS AND Cromwell serve their human masters. Having long since replaced humans in the back hallways and servants’ quarters of the ultra-wealthy, new models are routinely acquired, put through their regular service, then are quietly deactivated once obsolete.

But we gave robots the ability to learn, and grow. Without knowing quite what we were doing, we came them the ability to think. Now everything has changed, and one household is about to find out that, while Asimov’s laws are immutable, humans are about to experience a different sort of uprising that they never saw coming.

Robot Proletariat offers a touching look at a foreign morality, reminiscent of the class tension felt in films such as Gosford Park, or its TV equivalent Downton Abbey, and yet embracing the classic sci-fi depth of (the modern) Battlestar Galactica. Robot Proletariat has action, plots, and duplicity, but also heart and humor.

This first, surprisingly heartfelt season of a new series puts the reader in the shoes of the the soulless who serve.

If you don’t usually consider yourself a sci-fi person but enjoyed films like Gattaca or Her, the first season of this thoughtful yet fast moving sci-fi series is for you.

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