Space Shuttle (Your Favorite Aliens, Finally Together)

Space Shuttle: Season One — You’ve Never Seen Your Favorite Aliens Like This (They’re All in Here!)

SLOAN IS YOUR AVERAGE TRASHY AMERICAN with no dreams or future until suddenly he’s whisked away into an international conspiracy of laziness, ineptitude and sloth.

Forced to work for the abusive (and somewhat familiar) owner of the Space Shuttle company, Sloan will have to take fares of many faces (or face-like appendages) across the galaxy if he ever hopes to make it back home.

You’ll like Space Shuttle if you’re a pop culture dork who’s always wondered what would happen if Jean-Luc Picard ever ran into Yoda. (Not that either of them appear in the story, of course.)


1. The One With the Xenomorph
2. The One With the Glork
3. The One With Sentinel Ultimate
4. The One With Bulbous the Fat
5. The One With the Wormhole
6. The One With Warp Drive


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