Thank You! (And Welcome)

Thank You! (And Welcome)


Sean is co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints, speaker, and author, with breakout indie hits such as Yesterday’s Gone, WhiteSpace, Unicorn Western and The Beam, as well as traditionally published titles Z 2134 and Monstrous. Follow him on Twitter @seanplatt

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What a long, wonderful week.

This last few months have been insane. It’s been so much fun writing these stories for you (we’re baking the final batch now!), but in addition to  our fiction, Johnny and I took some time out to work on Write. Publish. Repeat. — our nonfiction book about writing (mostly) fiction.

We launched Write. Publish. Repeat. last week and it did very well. A day after release it was the #1 Marketing book in the world. So exciting.

If you were a Realm & Sands reader before last week, thank you so much for reading. This year has been wonderful in large part because of you. Johnny and I owe you a lot.

If you found Realm & Sands because of Write. Publish. Repeat., welcome, we are glad you’re here with us, and promise to make you a very happy reader.

NamasteAs you probably guessed by the badass cover to your left, Namaste (the full novel) is finally out.

I’d say that Namaste is our most unique title, but hell, it really isn’t. We do have unicorns and sexbots after all.

Amit is a shadow monk, trained body and mind to the peak of human ability. When everything is taken from him, he decides that turning the other cheek is no longer an option. Amit’s epic quest for revenge will see wrongs righted and kick major major ass from first page to last.

However, Namaste is the most violent thing Johnny and I have written so far, and the tonal opposite of Unicorn Western. It does have everything: mystery, suspense, mysticism, murder, love, and bloody, bloody revenge, and since it’s Realm & Sands, you know the action is good (because Johnny wrote those scenes rather than me) and the soul is deep. But if you thought the stuff with the Orion in The Beam was too hardcore, this book is definitely not for you. 

Namaste: PreludeIf you think you might like Namaste but aren’t sure, you can try Prelude for free. Prelude is the first bit of Namaste. If you like Prelude, you’ll love Namaste. 

If you don’t like Prelude, please don’t buy Namaste. You won’t like it, and we want you to love everything you read.


CursedOur werewolf (chupacabra) story, Cursed also went free yesterday.

We’ll have the sequels up soon — immediately following Robot Proletariat (sexbots, YAY!) — but if you’ve not read it yet you can check it out now for free:


I just published some really amazing children’s books. If you have kids, I’ll have some free reads for you really soon.

Until next time!

Sean (and Johnny)

P.S. We have retired Genesis: Origins. It seemed slightly confusing to our readers, and with the price matching taking longer than we would like we didn’t want to chance  readers spending money on something they already had. Unfortunately, this has stripped early Genesis reviews, so if you’ve read it and enjoyed it, we would love a review! You can review Genesis here. THANKS!