The Beam S1: In a Grim Future, Choice is All You Have

This collection contains the complete first season of the epic sci-fi saga. Save 45% versus buying the individual episodes!

IN 2097, THE WORLD IS AS PERFECT AS you want it to be. Choose Enterprise and the government stays out of your way, leaving you free to sink or swim — no help for the drowning. Choose Directorate and all are equal, fed, sheltered and entertained by the government, every need provided for, and every man another cog in society’s machine.

Every six years during Shift, citizens decide who they are. Enterprise or Directorate, lives are lived inside the North American Union, walled off from the rest of the world and the Wild East beyond the shell, enhanced by incredible A.I., nanobots that monitor and support daily living, and The Beam: the network connecting every human in the NAU.

New powers are rising as emergent technology blooms from an unknown source, and threatens to shatter peace and throw the nation into chaos. What does the future mean when our present is stretched and reality blurred?

You must know who you are before choosing your side.

This is the first season in the epic sci-fi saga, The Beam.


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