Unicorn Genesis: Origins

Unicorn Genesis: Origins


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Unicorn GenesisHey there Outlaw!

We have a special treat for you today — Unicorn Genesis: Origins.

If you read last week’s excerpt, this is where it came from. This is the very beginning to Unicorn Genesis, which will be out in a couple of weeks. Johnny is on the final read through right now.

The tone of Unicorn Genesis is a bit different than we expected, but in the most wonderful ways. This title had more story meetings per word than anything we’ve written so far. Every minute was worth it. We’ve written something I can’t wait to hand to my children, and it’s rare that I can say that about the stuff I work on.

If you’ve left a review for Unicorn Western, then you’ve already read this. But if not, you can get it here:


It’s .99 but will eventually be perma-free once the full book is finished in a couple of weeks. Origins is the first part of Genesis, so if you get this now it will be duplicated later.

Johnny’s Fat Vampire 6 is out on the 24th. If you want to pre-order at Kobo, you can do that here:


Also, and this is SUPER AWESOME: Johnny and I, along with Lexi, have finished the first full season of Adult Video. This is SHARP comedy. Our other franchises (Space Shuttle, Everyone Gets Divorced and Greens) will all be finished shortly.

These are very dirty, but OMG funny. If you like to laugh, you can’t go wrong.

All 12 episodes (around 100K words) are available for 5.99. You can get them here:


I also think it’s awesome that I just went to grab that link and noticed that the only review it has so far is from an Outlaw, and not one of Lexi’s readers. Too rad.

Lastly, here is this week’s Caveman Timecop:


Until next week!

Sean (and Johnny)