Unicorn Genesis (The Story Edward Doesn't Want You to Read!)

Unicorn Genesis — Fun Enough to Make You Forget Those Other Prequels

UNICORN GENESIS STARTS IN THE FARBACK, as Edward’s Grappies spin yarn of life as the first unicorns, Adam and Eve, of the time before the Great Flood that tore the worlds apart, before The Realm, before the Sands, and before Marshall Clint Gulliver.

Join Edward and Clint as the world’s favorite (and surliest) unicorn tells the gunslinger about his days as a unicorn colt, and how all life (in all worlds) began, as he comes of age in worlds both real and make-believe. Unicorn Genesis is another epic tale in the Unicorn Western series exploring oral tradition, the stories we love, and what we all believe to be true.


The events in Unicorn Genesis take place before Unicorn Western, but for the best possible reading experience, you’ll want to start with Unicorn Western. You know how there’s that other really great series with the prequels that came later, and if you had seen those first you never would have cared as much about the original trilogy? This is like that, except that Unicorn Genesis is way, way more awesome than those other prequels. You don’t need to Western to understand Genesis, and reading Genesis won’t really spoil anything when reading Western, but reading them in the order our stories were written will give you the best possible reading experience.


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