What We’ve Been Up To (LOOK AT ALL THE COVERS!)

What We’ve Been Up To (LOOK AT ALL THE COVERS!)


Sean is co-founder of the Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints, speaker, and author, with breakout indie hits such as Yesterday’s Gone, WhiteSpace, Unicorn Western and The Beam, as well as traditionally published titles Z 2134 and Monstrous. Follow him on Twitter @seanplatt

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Hey there Outlaw!

It’s been a busy, busy month. This year’s three most difficult writing projects were probably Plugged, Unicorn Genesis, and Write. Publish. Repeat (due for release on 12/5). All three titles are trying to do something truly different, and as taxing as the trio would have been anyway, they were written back-to-back-to-back. We can’t wait to tell you about the rest of the year, but before we do — you have to hear about Unicorn Genesis. 

FIRST UP: Unicorn Genesis is finally for sale!

Unicorn GenesisGenesis is very special. If The Beam is our smartest work to date, Unicorn Genesis is probably our sweetest. Johnny and I stopped twice while writing to untangle our story. We had to get all the elements in place. We could tell a story with Adam, Eve and Noah set in the same worlds as the Big Bad Wolf, but only if the story was awesome. We could have a Seven Nation Army, but it couldn’t be a joke. We could deliver our take on oral tradition, but only if we wrote a story worthy of oral tradition itself.

I love what we wrote, and how it does a different job than what either of us expected. Genesis had an enormous job to do: bridge the time from the very beginning to just before the first Unicorn Western. We knew that, and not much else. We also knew our prequel would explore the nature of stories. We weren’t sure past that. Genesis would be shorter than Western, but its original conception was a series of nine book, slightly shorter than Western’s.

Unicorn Apocalypse, coming next year, is ambitious. We decided Genesis should be lean to balance some of the sprawl that Apocalypse will need. What we found, more than a story about stories, was a story about how Edward became the unicorn we know.

This is Edward’s story. We thought we were telling the tale of The Realm and Sands and how they came to be. And while that is all a part of this story,  the narrative belongs to Edward. Genesis is different than Western, and different from what we expected. We’re so glad that it is. Here’s the product description:

The Book Edward Doesn’t Want You to Read!
Unicorn Genesis starts in the Farback, as Edward’s Grappies spin yarn of life as the first unicorns, Adam and Eve, of the time before the Great Flood that tore the worlds apart, before The Realm, before the Sands, and before Marshall Clint Gulliver. Join Edward and Clint as the world’s favorite (and surliest) unicorn tells the gunslinger about his days as a unicorn colt, and how all life (in all worlds) began, as he comes of age in worlds both real and make-believe.

Unicorn Genesis is another epic tale in the Unicorn Western series exploring oral tradition, the stories we love, and what we all believe to be true. The events in Unicorn Genesis take place before the events in Unicorn Western, but for the best possible reading experience, you’ll want to start with Unicorn Western first. You know how there’s that other really great series with the prequels that came out later, and if you had seen those first you never would have cared as much about the original trilogy? This is a little like that, except that Unicorn Genesis is way, way more awesome than those other prequels. You don’t need to Western to understand Genesis, and reading Genesis won’t really spoil anything when reading Western, but reading them in the order our stories were written will give you the best possible reading experience.

Get Unicorn Genesis on Amazon US 
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NOTE: The previously released title that used to be called Unicorn Genesis: Book 1 (Now known as Unicorn Genesis: Origins) is comprised of the first few chapters of the newer, longer, full book now called Unicorn Genesis. If the “Unicorn Genesis” you’ve read is around 18,000 words, you don’t have the full version. This new, full version is around 95,000 words.

Everybody Gets DivorcedNext up: Other cool shit!

The rest of the year looks fantastic. Realm & Sands had a wonderful year thanks to our readers. We have some amazing projects lined up for 2014, but by the end of this year (and at a steady drip until then) we’ll have delivered on every promise we’ve made so far. First up: our comedies.

So check out our new covers! Everyone Gets Divorced (on the right over there) is the first cover I (Sean) ever designed myself (David Wright did the work).

Space ShuttleAll three of our comedies are finished and are now in final edit. They’ll all be be available soon, and all are worthy of the “LOL” name we’ve given to the full bundle that we will offer of all three together. (Our very first comedy, Space Shuttle is Johnny’s favorite. Gun to head, mine is Greens, but I love all three.)

They’re so different. Space Shuttle (which is about an intergalactic taxi service and which seems to be spoofing just about every space movie ever made) is zany as shit. We had a TON of fun writing Space Shuttle, so I totally see why it’s Johnny’s favorite. His enthusiasm definitely trumpets through the words.

Everybody Gets Divorced is like How I Met Your Mother meets Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It could also be “Asshole Friends.” It tells the story of one man’s divorce under the influence of his idiot cohorts.Greens

Greens is a ridiculous marketing spoof: Weeds meets Breaking BadI think Greens is my favorite because it went in the most unexpected direction.

We do have single episodes of all of them online, and we’ll be releasing the full seasons of all three comedies in the next few weeks. Right now only Space Shuttle’s first episode is available for free, but we’re trying to get the first episodes of Everyone Gets Divorced and Greens free as well. That way you can try and of the pilots to see how much you like them. They all get funnier as they progress.

When we do publish the full seasons, each of the three comedies will be available in 6-episode seasons for $3.99 per season. Or, if you want to save some bucks, you’ll be able to get the “LOL Comedy Bundle” (the full seasons of all three shows bundled together) for $5.99. The LOL Comedy Bundle will be available on November 29 (Black Friday in America).

Full season review copies are available for anyone who has reviewed a comedy pilot on Amazon or Goodreads. Please send  Sean an email with a link to your review and we’ll send you the full season to check out and review.

If you’ve read the comedies yet and haven’t yet reviewed them, please review your favorite title here:

Everyone Gets Divorced
Space Shuttle

But wait! It gets even more awesome from there!

NamasteFollowing the comedies, we’ll be releasing something that is their opposite: The full-book version of Namaste, which is the most violent thing we’ve written.

This is a great revenge story. If you enjoyed the pilot (previously just called Namaste and now called Namaste: Prelude — a partial/full situation analogous to what we did with Unicorn Genesis: Origins and the newly released Unicorn Genesis), you will go apeshit for the full novel. It is balls-out. Definitely our best action, but so much more. We can’t wait to see what you’re going to say about this one.

Namaste is a full novel, about the length of Unicorn Genesis. Prelude, the first part of Namaste, was written as the pilot and can stand on its own to setup the rest of the story (but is also included in the full book, just as with Origins for Genesis).

Read Namaste Prelude for free here!

cover-robot-prole-season-1Following Namaste, we will be releasing the first full season of Robot Proletariat.

This is an extremely well-balanced Realm & Sands story. Probably the most measured story we’ve told so far. It’s not hard sci-fi (future history) like The Beam, but it isn’t in any way campy. It’s serious and funny, well-blended, and definitely has something to say.

We wrote the first parts of Robot Proletariat, Namaste and Chupacabra Outlaw as pilots for serials. But once we decided to greenlight all three, we had to figure out the best way to tell each story. Namaste made most sense as a novel. Chupacabra you’ll read about in a second. Robot Proletariat just felt like a serial. And as we started writing it, that’s exactly what it wanted to be.

Really great stuff. If you liked the pilot, you’ll love the season.

So here’s what’s up with Chupacabra Outlaw, since we just mentioned that…

CursedChupacabra Outlaw got a new name. The finished story for Chupacabra Outlaw in no way fit the tone of its original campy, gonzo tile. So now the title is something  much more appropriate: Cursed. 

Cursed will be a series of novellas, the first of which (simply called Cursed, rather than something like “Cursed #1″) is out now. The next three Cursed books will be out before the end of the year. Namaste is more violent than Cursed is, but Cursed is far darker. Lonelier. More beautiful. If you enjoyed the spareness of the first Cursed, you’ll love the next three.

We’re working to get the first episode of Robot Proletariat and the first book in the Cursed series free, and will let you know as soon as they are. If you’ve already read them, you can review them now for a review copy of the full season/sequel titles when they are available (the more reviews we have on them before they go free, the better that title will do in the post-free bump, so we would LOVE your help in getting those reviews!)

Thanks for reading!

Sean (and Johnny)